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Acquerello Risotto / 2.5kg
Acquerello, The Ultimate Rice
Acquerello Risotto / 2.5kg
Purchase Acquerello Risotto / 2.5kg
  • Acquerello Risotto / 2.5kg

    Acquerello, The Ultimate Rice

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    Also Known As:
    Acquerello Riso Carnaroli Extra
    Year Round
    2.5 kg

Acquerello is the ultimate Carnaroli "Extra" rice!

It’s the healthiest, because thanks to a patented process the rice germ is absorbed in the grains, giving them all the nutritional values of brown rice.

It's the tastiest, because it's the only rice whitened with a helix, a gentle method with leaves the grain intact.

It's the richest, because it is aged for at least one year in refrigerated silos. Starch is more stable and flavor enhanced. 

Acquerello's unique methods of production are the result of a combination of extensive research, family experience and the union of tradition and innovation. After harvesting, Acquerello undergoes an aging process; then is slowly refined with a special machine called the helix, and finally enriched with its own germ by a patented process. The steps of aging, refining and enriching are indeed the ones that makes Acquerello tastier, richer and healthier. Acquerello grains are perfectly whole, fully consistent, tastier and not sticky. It is the only rice that makes every dish outstanding, as Carnaroli is certainly regarded by Italians as the most highly valued variety of rice. With Acquerello your risotto and other rice dishes will always be perfect. Acquerello rice is famous among chefs and gourmet lovers and is considered the best rice in the world. Acquerello produced and packed by the Rondolino family on the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara Estate, in the heart of Piedmont's Vercelli province.

Keep in a cool dark area out of direct sunlight
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