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Dried Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms / 2oz
Cantharellus cibarius
Dried Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms / 2oz
Purchase Dried Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms / 2oz
  • Dried Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms / 2oz

    Cantharellus cibarius

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    Also Known As:
    Golden Chanterelle Mushroom, Girolle
    Year Round
    United States and Canada
    2 oz
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Golden chanterelle are one of the few mushrooms that you truly can pair with anything. From fish and steak to chicken and game, they are the most versatile of the wild mushrooms. Cook with fresh herbs, white wine and cream and serve on top of some fresh pasta for a delicious and simple treat.

Dried wild mushrooms can be reconstituted by placing them in a bowl with warm water, wine or stock. Mushrooms should rehydrate in 15-20 minutes and then be strained in a colander to remove any excess liquid and debris. Once reconstituted, the wild mushrooms will yield about 6-8 times their dried weight. Mushrooms must be cooked before eating. 

Unused dried mushrooms should be stored in air tight packaging once opened in order to reduce their exposure to unwanted moisture. 

Dried mushrooms will last for months when stored in a dry area away from direct sunlight. 

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