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Yuzu Kanzuri / 355ml
Yuzu Kanzuri / 355ml
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  • Yuzu Kanzuri / 355ml

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An inspiring Japanese style chili sauce that highlights the incredible hidden taste of Shio Koji. Inoculated rice, salt, and water ferment to produce a burst of umami that keen chefs are using to impart memorable flavors into their menus. Pickled chili pepper mash and yuzu zest is combined with the shio koji and the result is an exciting condiment that captures spice, bright floral citrus and a hint of yeast. Try a squeeze on pork bao buns, fish tacos or bowl of ramen. Perfect for adding a kick to any dish! Other Kanzuri flavors like Black Garlic & Roasted Shishito are also available. 
 Store in refrigerator once opened.
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