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Wild Ramps (Wild Leeks) / lb.
Allium Tricoccum
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  • Wild Ramps (Wild Leeks) / lb.

    Allium Tricoccum

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    Also Known As:
    Wild Leek
    April - May
    United States and Canada
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The fresh wild ramp season is upon us and as always it is short lived. The season only lasts for around 8 weeks, during which time you will find ramps on the menu's of North America's best restaurants. Although technically they are a wild leek, the flavor is more pronounced than that of a leek. The tops are excellent as a pesto and the bulbs make for some excellent pickling. 

Try to cook them over an open flame to savor their sweet and nuanced flavor. From fish and steak to chicken and game or in a ragout served with fresh pasta, they are versatile and delicious. Unlike wild onions and wild green garlic, ramps have wide leaves but are used in the same applications.

Store in refrigerator. It is best consumed within the first 3 days, as the leaf tops are much more perishable than other greens you may be used to. The bulbs last longer 
Wild Greens will usually last about 4-6 days in the refrigerator
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