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Forvm Chardonnay (Soleras 3 year) / 250ml
Aged to Perfection
Forvm Chardonnay (Soleras 3 year) / 250ml
Purchase Forvm Chardonnay (Soleras 3 year) / 250ml
  • Forvm Chardonnay (Soleras 3 year) / 250ml

    Aged to Perfection

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    Year Round
    250 ml

An amazing vinegar made 100% with high quality Chardonnay wine and aged in barrels to give it a unique personality. It surprises by its colour with gold tones and allows us to play with many dishes and presentations. It has a very fresh flavour, reminiscent to white fruits and citrus with a delicate aftertaste, energetic and bittersweet. Forvm Chardonnay vinegar is made from Catalan Chardonnay grapes. Chardonnay wine is aged in oak barrels with a little vinegar from the previous year. The vinegar contains 25% grape juice which gives it sweeter, more rounded flavours than most vinegars. This perhaps explains Forvm Chardonnay vinegar's somewhat cult following. Forvm vinegar comes from the Roca family's vineyard in Penedès – west of Barcelona. It started as a small winery but when the family tasted an old, abandoned barrel of wine they realised what excellent vinegar the grapes produced – so they changed tack. The thirty-year-old company's vinegars have featured on many prestigious menus – from Nobel Peace Prize dinners, to many of the world͛s best kitchens, such as El Bulli. 

Drizzle a little of the Chardonnay vinegar over cured salmon or scallops, or try a few drops inside a shucked oyster. Forvm Chardonnay is so sweet, tangy and full bodied, it doesn't even need mixing with olive oil for a salad dressing. Drizzle it straight onto green leaves or a tomato and cucumber salad. Ingredients: Wine vinegar (75%), grape juice (25%). 

Keep in a cool dark area out of direct sunlight. Refridgerate once opened.
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