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Haskap Berries, Frozen / lb
Haskap Berries, Frozen / lb
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  • Haskap Berries, Frozen / lb

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    Also Known As:
    Edible Blue Honeysuckle or Honeyberry.
    Year Round
    Asia, Europe, and North America
    1 lb

Haskap Berries have their own unique taste, color and texture. They have very tiny seeds that can be eaten with the berry. The taste has been described as tart-sweet and juicy, like a raspberry. They have a powdery blue skin, like a blueberry but the skin is quite thin and melts in your mouth.

Haskap is an ancient Japanese name of the Ainu people of Northern Japan for the fruit meaning "berry of long life and good vision". Most people mistaken the fruit as part of the Vaccinium Family (Blueberries and cranberries), when in fact the fruit is just as closely related to tomatoes. It comes from the Dipsacales Order and is related to the Snowberry and Elderberry.

Keep Frozen in bags until ready to use.

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