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Frozen Wild Spruce Tips / lb
Frozen Wild Spruce Tips / lb
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  • Frozen Wild Spruce Tips / lb

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    Year Round
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Spruce tips are sustainably harvested in the Spring. This is when they are most tender and their slight resinous flavor is minimal and the bright lime-green buds emerge from their brown papery casings. They are soft and chewy and may be eaten raw, but are best cooked or pickled. Spruce tips have lemony citrus notes and an herbal quality similar to rosemary. As the tips mature they become bitter and too hard to consume.

The Spruce tips' lemony quality compliment seafood nicely in a sauce or stuffing. In sweet applications, Spruce tips add balance to cookies, sorbets and syrups. When steeped, Spruce tip tea is excellent for soothing sore throats and other respiratory ailments. Only defrost as much as you intend to use. Once they are thawed out they will only last a few days along with the flavor and aroma profile decreasing.
Store in freezer. It is best consumed within the first 3 months.
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