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Forvm Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil / 500ml
Forvm Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil / 500ml
Purchase Forvm Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil / 500ml
  • Forvm Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil / 500ml

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    Year Round
    500 ml

AOVE FORVM Arbequina is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil elaborated exclusively with early harvest Arbequina Olives. The olives are picked during October when they are totally green and unripe. At that point, the olive is very fresh and the yield of olive oil is very low. The yield from these olives is always under 15%. The olives are quickly transported to the mill, to be processed into extra virgin olive oil urgently. The process is fast and we mill the olives in a maximum time of 6 hours from when they have been collected in the farm. We avoid any contact with temperature to maintain maximum freshness. During the milling process, the olive temperature never rise from 26 degrees Celsius.

All this thorough process during the harvest and milling, combined with green/fresh Arbequina olives, brings a unique extra virgin olive oil. The product obtained is green/gold scented extra virgin. A dense oil with a thick texture, with a high level of fruitiness and nice balance between sweetness and spiciness. To keep the maximum properties and stability during the year, the oil is frozen and we just defrost the quantity needed to pack the product to be delivered to our customers. This is a unique process, which guarantees maximum freshness during the whole year. The extra virgin olive oil obtained has a maximum acidity of 0,25%. The oil is recommended to be used raw, in salads, vegetables, fish and toasts or just for dipping with bread.

Refrigerate after opening.
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