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  • Brooklyn Grange Farm

    Small Farms, Great Produce

    Since the beginning, Mikuni has centered on sustainable foods. From the mushroom-filled early days, to today’s huge array of seasonal, wild, and sustainable foods, it’s what defines Mikuni Wild Harvest. As a part of that focus, Mikuni supports local farmers and sustainable small batch food production. Our unique picked-to-order program with the Santa Monica Farmers’ market has allowed Mikuni to

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  • Lexicon of Sustainability - Running Squirrel

    The Lexicon of Sustainability

    The Lexicon of Sustainability seeks to create a common, accessible language of sustainability. Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton started the project two years ago, with a list of terms from thirteen areas of sustainability. As the project developed, overlapping and competing definitions were raised, often by the individuals or organizations who helped create the term or idea, and more terms were

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  • StarChefs Dinner - Aerated Chocolate Namelaka with Noble Tonic 02

    Kata Robata Features Noble Tonics at StarChefs Dinner

    Kata Robata chefs Manabu “Hori” Horiuchi and Seth Siegel-Gardner were recently visited by StarChefs as they were honored as 2011 Houston Rising Stars.  The menu they prepared for StarChefs incorporated several of the Noble Tonics.  These stunning pictures below were taken by the guys and gals over at StarChefs and then passed along to us by Chef Seth.

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  • Modernist Cuisine - The Cooking Lab Team

    A Modernist Cuisine 29 Course Dinner… Wow!

    Over the last eight weeks, the technical genius and creative talent that is Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet have been cooking a variety of dishes from their remarkable new book Modernist Cuisine. I had the pleasure of being invited to eat a 29 course dinner at the Intellectual Ventures laboratory last night, and it’s safe to say that my head is

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  • Modernist Cuisine - The Hidden Garden

    Unbridled Inspiration and Modernist Cuisine

    Modernist Cuisine has been in the making for almost four years, during which time Mikuni Wild Harvest humbly supplied a vast array of remarkably fresh and tremendously unique ingredients to the book’s team of chefs. We like to imagine that in some small way these ingredients helped to color the pages, inspire the minds, and satiate the pallets of the dedicated, passionate and talented…

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