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Wild Caviar and Roes

Wild Caviar and Roes

Timing and freshness is everything in the world of caviar and roe production. Located in the Pacific Northwest, we have direct relationships with small family fisheries and commercial fishermen throughout the Pacific coastline. These relationships, our geographic proximity to the fish and roe, and many years of experience define us as the leader in the production of domestic artisan roe and caviar. Our line of natural and flavor infused caviar and roe represents the highest quality product available today, and has quickly become a favorite of many of North America’s finest chefs.

Caviar definitely is not food. It’s a unique product representing many things—an experience, a handiwork, a specialty, a dream perhaps.


Mikuni Domestic Caviar and Roe Program

  • Natural Cured Ikura Roe
  • Sake Cured Ikura Roe
  • Applewood Smoked Ikura Roe
  • Black Truffle Cured Ikura Roe
  • Natural Cured Golden Char Caviar
  • Lightly Smoked Golden Char Caviar
  • Natural Cured Steelhead Roe
  • Sake Cured Steelhead Roe
  • Alder Smoked Steelhead Roe
  • Tahitian Vanilla Cured Steelhead Roe
  • Bourbon Maple Syrup Cured Steelhead Roe

Enjoy the delicacy and decadence that only caviar can provide. Learn more about Mikuni’s wild caviar and roes by following us on Twitter, or shop for caviar now in the Mikuni Wild Harvest Gourmet Shop.

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