Wild Gooseneck Barnacles

Taste the essence of the sea.

Also Known As
Percebes, Goose Barnacles, Stalked Barnacles
Year-Round Pending Weather Conditions
1 lb (30–40 pieces) | 3 lb (90-120 pieces)

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Live gooseneck barnacles, or percebes, are a very rare and special gourmet delicacy. Typically this product is found only in Portugal and Spain, and can cost up to $80 per pound.  The act of harvesting these barnacles is very difficult, and often times treacherous because of how the barnacles grow: on large, slippery boulders jutting out into the ocean, exposed to the constant barrage of the ocean. This makes the availability of this product very variable as a number of factors must be weighed before they can be safely harvested.

The flavor of gooseneck barnacles is somewhere between crab and razor clam, and reminiscent of a mildly briny oyster; they are soft in texture, with a gentle resistance. They are typically the size of your thumb or index finger, with approximately 30 to 40 pieces in a pound.

Preparation of gooseneck barnacles is very simple. Begin by blanching them in salted water for approximately one minute. After blanching, the thick outer skin can be easily peeled away, leaving the tender and delicious meat attached to the unique looking shell. You can then quickly reheat the barnacles in a sauce of your liking. Try them with a reduction of Noble Verjus, heavy cream, fresh herbs, shallots and a touch of butter—heaven from the sea.

Due to its popularity and the difficulty of sourcing this product, orders may take up to two weeks to process and ship.

How to Store and Handle Gooseneck Barnacles

  • Stored in the refrigerator in a bowl, the barnacles will stay alive for up to three days.
  • Do not put the barnacles in fresh water, they will die immediately.

Special Shipping Regulations

Quality is paramount in the products we sell. Perishable items are shipped and packaged as quickly as possible. To maximize the freshness of this wonderful product, it must be shipped by UPS Standard Overnight. Due to this requirement, please note that orders placed on Friday will not ship until Monday.

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