Tartufi di Fassia Grey Salt with White Truffles


The Best Truffles, on the Finest Tables

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Tartufi di Fassia

Ingredients: Grey salt from Guérande, dried white truffles (Tuber magnatum), fresh white truffles (Tuber magnatum), flavoring.

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Tartufi di Fassia was founded on the Tenuta di Fassia in Umbria, Italy, where their headquarters are still based. With offices in New York, Tartufi di Fassia is the only truffle product line that is USDA approved.

The Guérande salt marshes are located in southern Brittany, a region in northwest France, between the mouths of the rivers Loire and Vilaine, along the Atlantic Ocean. Guérande salt has a very long history, having been harvested by hand on the peninsula since the Iron Age, and now a treasured ingredient favored by professional chefs. Tartufi di Fassia combines grey salt from Guérande with the finest white truffles, producing an amazing product which elevates food from the mundane to the sublime. This luxurious ingredient is excellent served on fish or meat fillet, eggs and omelettes. We suggest adding a pinch of this salt before serving.

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