Ohsawa Organic Brown Rice Miso


The Standard of Excellence for Traditional, Naturally Fermented Miso

255 g jar

Ingredients: organically grown whole soybeans, organic brown rice, natural sea salt, mountain spring water, aspergillus oryzae (koji).

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Traditionally brewed through two full summers in cedar kegs. Ohsawa, the most trusted named in macrobiotic foods.

Fresh and alive, Ohsawa Organic Miso retains enzymes and beneficial probiotic bacteria that are essential to health. Unlike most miso that is artificially “aged” for weeks, Ohsawa Organic Miso is naturally fermented for at least two summers in hand-hewn cedar kegs and brewed with rare mountain spring water, creating mouthwatering umami flavor, setting the standards of excellence for miso. Enjoy it in soups, sauces, dips and dressings.

This miso is artisanally crafted by the Yamaki Company, maker of the soy sauce for the Royal Family in Japan. The Yamaki Company’s philosophy, “harmony between people and nature”, is the backbone of ancient Japanese culture and something we relate to at Mikuni Wild Harvest.

Organic, macrobiotic, kosher, vegan.

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