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Northern Divine
Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

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Northern Divine caviar is a sustainable luxury produced from Fraser River White Sturgeon on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Northern Divine is the first Certified Organic caviar produced in North America and rated among the top five sustainable caviars in the world.

Northern Divine is the only company in North America that raises sturgeon in natural spring water. They are also one of the only companies to implement a 99% water recirculation system as well as a waste recovery program, meaning that the farm operates at the highest level of sustainability, both for the fish and for the environment. While other fish farms are wastefully destroying ecosystems, Northern Divine truly offers a sustainable approach—their careful practices do not deplete wild populations of sturgeon, pollute local waters with waste, or harm sensitive habitats. Northern Divine is recognized as sustainable by Ocean Wise™, and is the only caviar to be recommended “Best Choice” by SeaChoice and the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program.

The caviar that results is very delicate in flavor. This delicacy is only achieved by the integrity of the environment and the purity of the water the fish live in. The only two ingredients in this caviar are fish eggs and just enough salt to get a “low-salt cure”. As a result, the flavor is natural and refined, leaving a fresh and clean finish on the palate. The colour of the eggs or “berries” range from rich grey, black pearl, olive to chocolate velvet. Purely refined, tastefully sublime, expressly created for astute palates that wish to embrace fresh sensations. Discover the impressive buttery, nutty delicate ocean flavour of sustainable caviar from the West Coast.

How to Store and Handle Caviar

  • To preserve utmost quality and freshness, store your unopened tin on ice in the bottom of your refrigerator.
  • Keep the tin sealed until you are ready to serve.
  • Though caviar can be stored unopened in your refrigerator for up to four weeks, it should be consumed immediately upon opening.

Special Shipping Regulations

Quality is paramount in the products we sell. Perishable items are shipped and packaged as quickly as possible. To maximize the freshness of this wonderful product, it must be shipped by UPS Standard Overnight. Due to this requirement, please note that orders placed on Friday will not ship until Monday.

Delivery Restrictions

Unfortunately, we are only able to ship this product to addresses within the United States.

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