Noble Handcrafted Black Truffle Sauce


The Best Truffles, on the Finest Tables

170 g
Noble Handcrafted
Champignon mushrooms, sunflower seed oil, summer truffle, black olives, salt, garlic, parsley, aroma.

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The Noble Handcrafted line of truffle preserves are crafted in the mountains of Northern Italy by a fifth generation Italian truffle dynasty committed to harvesting only the most fragrant truffles in the world. We think you will find the Noble brand of truffle preserves to be of the highest integrity.

Noble Black Truffle Sauce is made using the finest black summer truffles from Italy. This sauce brings a superb versatility, combined with incredible depth of flavor to any dish. This product provides luxurious presentation with rich and powerful gourmet flavors, allowing customers to enjoy the true taste of truffle all year round.

Need some inspiration? It is the perfect accompaniment for fresh hot pasta. Various other uses include being blended in or drizzled over risotto, added to sauces or mushroom gravies, or used to finish decadent scalloped potatoes or a frittata.

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