Mountain Rose Apples


An Apple by any Other Name Wouldn’t Taste as Sweet

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3 to 4 lbs (6–9 apples)
Mount Hood River Valley, Oregon, United States

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Mountain Rose apples are a truly unique variety of heirloom apple and are extremely rare and in limited supply. They are currently grown only in the Mount Hood River Valley of Oregon by a small group of dedicated family farms.

The most defining and distinctive characteristic of these apples is the fact that their flesh is bright red all the way through and maintains its striking brightness even after being cooked. With a flavor profile which varies between slightly sweet and mildly tart, and an aroma of strawberries and cotton candy, they are truly an amazing product.

These apples are an excellent holiday gift idea for the fruit aficionados in your life; they are sure to delight and astonish whoever is lucky enough to receive them. The season is short and the supply is limited, so get them when they’re in stock.

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