Jean-Marc Montegottero Virgin Pecan Oil


One Nut… One Oil

500 ml
Huilerie Beaujolaise
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Artisan oil maker Jean-Marc Montegottero, with the help of an entire team, keeps the practice of making virgin oils from 100% fruit alive. The Huilerie Beaujolaise produces completely natural virgin oils, each made using only one type of fruit. No mixing, nothing added, no preservatives, no chemicals: one fruit, one oil. Prized by world class chefs, the oils and vinegars from the Huilerie Beaujolaise are simply the finest oils and vinegars available today.

A philosphy. To offer an exceptional, authentic and healthy product that has been made using only the best artisanal methods. Huilerie Beaujolaise

This oil has a sweet aroma, somewhere between hazelnut and almond, and can be used to season salads, rice, fish or white meat. Why not try it on a hard cheese or in a dessert. All of Jean-Marc Montegottero’s products are pressed and created using only a single ingredient.

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