Hearts of Palm


Bactris gasipae

Also Known As
Palm Hearts, Chonta
Year Round
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Hawaii, USA
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Hearts of palm are as the name implies, the heart of a palm tree. Hearts of palm can be harvested from a number of different varieties of palm trees. Mikuni carries heart of palm harvested from a clumping palm, Bactris gasipae. This variety of palm tree continuously sprouts hearts and therefore the tree is not killed in the harvesting process.

Palm hearts can be eaten in both raw and cooked preparations. They have a culinary range that extends from use in canning, salads, and desserts.

How to Store and Handle Fresh Palm Hearts

  • StoreĀ Palm Hearts in the fridge after arrival.
  • Palm Hearts are best when consumed within three days of delivery.

Special Shipping Regulations

Quality is paramount in the products we sell. Perishable items are shipped and packaged as quickly as possible. To maximize the freshness of this wonderful product, it must be shipped by Fedex Standard Overnight. Due to this requirement, please note that orders placed on Friday will not ship until Monday.

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