Fresh Australian Black Winter Truffle


Tuber melanosporum

Also Known As
Perigord Truffle, Périgord Truffle, The Black Diamond of Provence
1 oz (1 or 2 truffles)
Western Australia

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Truffles are a true natural luxury. Rare and indulgent, they are sought after by epicureans around the globe who see them as black gold. This deliciously decadent ingredient stimulates the senses and indulges the pallet. Many have tried to farm them and many have failed, until now that is. Established in 1997 in Manjimup, Western Australia, The Truffle & Wine Co. created mainland Australia’s first truffiere. The Truffle & Wine Co. is unashamedly focused on truffles, success has been born from total dedication to excellence and true passion to deliver at every level, from farm to fork.

Some of the most celebrated restaurants and chefs in the world use these truffles and affirm their superior quality and aroma, you will not be disappointed in this culinary treasure from the Southern Hemisphere.

How to Store and Handle Fresh Truffles

  • Store truffles in the refrigerator wrapped in paper towel in a sealed container.
  • The best way to cook truffles is with eggs and cream in butter or a béchamel sauce.
  • The perfume of a truffle is very volatile and disappears rapidly, cooking time should be limited.
  • Truffles are best when consumed within three days of delivery.

Special Shipping Regulations

Quality is paramount in the products we sell. Perishable items are shipped and packaged as quickly as possible. To maximize the freshness of this wonderful product, it must be shipped by UPS Standard Overnight. Due to this requirement, please note that orders placed on Friday will not ship until Monday.

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