Dried Wild Matsutake Mushrooms


Tricholoma magnivelare

Also Known As
Pine Mushroom, Ponderosa Mushroom
Year Round
2 oz
Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada
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Matsutake mushrooms have been revered by the Japanese for over 1000 years and until the 17th century, was consumed only by members of the imperial court. The highly prized matsutake mushroom is quite possibly one of the most distinct mushrooms you will ever taste. You will find the texture and aroma of this mushroom totally intoxicating. With a defined firmness and crunch, they will add amazing flavor and aroma to your favorite broths and rice dishes. Also try grilling them and serving with fish.

Our matsutake mushrooms are sustainably foraged in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada.

How to Store and Handle Dried Wild Mushrooms

  • Dried wild mushrooms can be reconstituted by placing them in a bowl with warm water, wine or stock. Mushrooms should rehydrate in 15-20 minutes and then be strained in a colander to remove any excess liquid and debris.
  • Once reconstituted, the wild mushrooms will yield about 6-8 times their dried weight.
  • Unused dried mushrooms should be kept in air tight packaging once opened in order to reduce their exposure to unwanted moisture.
  • Wild mushrooms will last for months when stored in a dry area away from direct sunlight.

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