Buddha’s Hand


Citrus sarcodactylis

Also Known As
Fingered Citron, Bushukan
1 whole Buddha’s hand
Santa Monica Farmers Market
California, United States

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One of the most unusual looking products we carry, Buddha’s hands are sure to delight with their striking appearance and beautiful aroma. One of the oldest members of the citrus family, Buddha’s hands are commonly found in China and Japan. Southern California provides ideal growing conditions for this wonderfully fragrant fruit, allowing you to enjoy this exotic treat directly from the grower through the Mikuni Santa Monica Farmers Market Program.

Traditionally used in Asia to perfume both foods and personal items, in Western cooking it is often used for its zest. Buddha’s hands do not contain the same juicy flesh as other citrus fruits; the fruit’s interior is a white pith which is not bitter as is usually the case with citrus. The entire fruit — peel, pith, and all — can be used in salads or scattered over cooked foods such as fish. To prepare, simply cut off the fingers and slice along their length.

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