Santa Monica Farmers Market

Since the early days of Mikuni, we have been a proud supporter of the passionate farmers that bring their produce from Southern California to the Santa Monica Farmers Market. These farmers who participate in this market grow some of the most unique, fresh and flavorful produce that can be found anywhere in North America. What is unique about our farmers market program is our “picked to order” system. Our produce specialist, James DiProspero, who works closely with many of the farmers, who hand pick your pre-order and hold it for him at the market to be picked up every Wednesday.

Whether it is purple artichokes, green almonds, or Meyer lemons, James loads our 40-foot truck to the limit and drives back to our Las Vegas warehouse to be packed and shipped the following day. It doesn’t matter if you’re in New York or New Orleans, Seattle or Sarasota, you now have access to produce that is delivered when its sugar levels are highest. This means that colors leap off the plate and flavors explode. A lot of work goes into this program, but the end result is worth it. You, and most importantly your customers, will be delighted when you taste the flavors of produce like never before.

The Santa Monica Farmers Market Program from Mikuni Wild Harvest offers all of our restaurants the opportunity to source premium quality ingredients directly from individual farms. The intense flavours and consistent quality are a credit to the artisan farmers who grow these amazing products.Michael Mina

Mikuni Santa Monica Farmers Market Program

  • Baby Purple Artichokes
  • Spring Garlic
  • English Peas
  • Fava Beans
  • Watermelon Radishes
  • Meiwa Kumquats
  • Baby Beets
  • Mixed Baby Radishes
  • Baby Turnips
  • Black Knight Carrots
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Fresh Garbanzo Beans
  • Meyer Lemons
  • Variegated Lemons
  • Satsuma Mandarins
  • Tom’s Terrific Tangerines
  • Pomelos
  • Kaffir Limes
  • Yuzus

The Mikuni Santa Monica Farmers Market Program brings the farm to your table. Though this program is aimed primarily towards our restaurant clientele, special orders are always welcome. Please note that many products are subject to seasonal availability. For more information or to place an order, please contact Customer Care. Selected items from the market are also available in the Mikuni Wild Harvest Gourmet Shop.

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