Oils and Vinegars

The talented moulinier Jean-Marc Montegottero, produces the highest quality oils and vinegars available on the market. Sold under the Huilerie Beaujolaise banner, the virgin nut oils are intensely aromatic and flavorful. The fruit vinegars have perfectly balanced acidity and bright, concentrated flavors. You will be impressed by the dedication to craft that is evident in the quality of these spectacular oils and vinegars.

Mikuni also carries vinegars from Brauerei Gegenbauer. Prized by top chefs and gourmets alike, the Gegenbauer Noble Sour vinegars are some of the most popular items we carry. Also be sure to check out our selections of Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm vinegars, and James Beard Award-winner Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok Som drinking vinegars.

The must-see in Beaujeu is the oil mill, an international reference in matters of gastronomy. Jean-Marc Montegottero renovated an old disused mill 20 years ago, and took over his parents’ place to use as a shop. With a 1.6-tonne millstone and grinder, he produces precious walnut, hazelnut, almond, groundnut, pistachio, sesame, pecan nut, pine kernel and poppy oils. These artisanal oils of outstanding delicacy are served at the greatest restaurants in Europe.Michelin Travel Guide

Huilerie Beaujolaise

  • Apple Vinegar
  • Honey Vinegar
  • Lemon Vinegar
  • Mango Vinegar
  • Quince Vinegar
  • Raspberry Vinegar
  • Virgin Almond Oil
  • Virgin Argan Oil
  • Virgin Grilled Peanut Oil
  • Virgin Grilled Rapeseed Oil
  • Virgin Hazelnut Oil
  • Virgin Pecan Oil
  • Virgin Pine Nut Oil
  • Virgin Pistachio Oil
  • Virgin Poppy Seed Oil
  • Virgin Toasted Sesame Oil
  • Virgin Turnip Seed Oil
  • Virgin Walnut Oil

Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm

  • Flavivs Solera 20-Year Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar
  • Solera 8-Year Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar
  • Solera 3-Year Chardonnay Vinegar

Som Cordial

  • Ginger Cordial
  • Cranberry Cordial
  • Tangerine Sea Salt Cordial
  • Oregon Berry Cordial
  • Thai Basil Cordial
  • Pineapple Szechuan Cordial
  • Honey Cordial
  • Tamarind Cordial
  • Turmeric Cordial
  • Apple Cordial
  • Strawberry & Thai Basil Cordial

We are happy to announce that the entire Huilerie Beaujolaise product line is now available online. Visit the Mikuni Wild Harvest Gourmet Shop for more information.

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