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Fresh Black Winter Truffle / 1oz
Tuber Melanosporum
Fresh Black Winter Truffle / 1oz
Purchase Fresh Black Winter Truffle / 1oz
  • Fresh Black Winter Truffle / 1oz

    Tuber Melanosporum

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    Also Known As:
    Tuber Melanosporum, Perigord Truffle, The Black Diamond of Provence, French Black Truffle
    France / Spain
    1 oz
Truffles will ship as soon as possible, however expect a delay as this is to ensure the freshest truffles arrive to you. If you need these by a certain date, please contact customer care or specify the date in the shipping notes section. Truffles are a true natural luxury. Rare and indulgent, they are sought after by epicureans around the globe who see them as black gold. French black truffles are by far the most highly sought-after variety of this wonderful ingredient. They are widely revered and also one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world.

The Black Winter Truffle is black on both the inside and outside with white intricate spidery veins on the inside. Enjoy its subtle earthy and chocolate aroma that has captivated chefs for centuries. Capitalize on the beauty of the veins by shaving them thinly with a truffle slicer. Best used in simple dishes to let the Fresh Truffle flavor be the star without being overpowered. Truffles are often used sparingly shaved over fresh pastas or risottos! 

Store truffles in the refrigerator wrapped in a paper towel in a sealed container. Use within 3 days of receiving. Best consumed the day it arrives to ensure the freshness and quality! 

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