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Wild Green Garlic / lb
Wild Green Garlic / lb
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  • Wild Green Garlic / lb

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Wild garlic will have the distinct flavor of garlic, but it's not as sharp as garlic cloves. There are multiple long leaves sprouting off each bulb. The raw leaves smell quite pungent, but when you cook with them their taste becomes more delicate and slightly sweeter than you might imagine.
You can eat any part of the plant and use it any way you would use garlic. You may use Wild Garlic in any application you would use Wild Onions and Wild Leeks.
Will typically last about a week in your refrigerator. Placing it in a glass of water or a damp paper towel in the refrigerator may increase the shelf-life as well. It is best consumed within the first 3 days as it is much more perishable than the garlic cloves you may be used to.
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