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Spring Garlic / lb
Allium Sativum
Spring Garlic / lb
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  • Spring Garlic / lb

    Allium Sativum

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    Also Known As:
    Green Garlic
    United States, and Mexico

Spring Garlic is young garlic that has been farmed and harvested before the bulbs have reached maturity. Also known as "green garlic" these have a stem that is around a foot long and looks very similar to a large green onion. 

Spring Garlic can be used in both raw and cooked preparations. The entire Spring Garlic from bulb to stem can be used. It has a mild garlic flavor compared to mature bulbs, but the tenderness lends a sweetness to the flavor.

Will typically last about a week in your refrigerator. Placing it in a glass of water or a damp paper towel in the refrigerator may increase the shelf-life as well. It is best consumed within the first 3 days as it is much more perishable than the garlic cloves you may be used to.

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