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Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms / lb
Hydnum repandum
Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms / lb
Purchase Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms / lb
  • Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms / lb

    Hydnum repandum

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    Also Known As:
    Sweet Tooth Mushroom, Wood Hedgehog Mushroom
    September - February
    Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada
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NOTE: This item is by pre order, any orders with Hedgehog/Sweet tooth on them will be held until the order is able to be fulfilled 100%.  A slightly spicy chanterelle-like flavor, and a semi-sweet and mild fruity aroma, the hedgehog mushroom is one of winter's greatest treats. Similar in versatility to the chanterelle, they pair equally well with fish, steak, chicken, game or mixed in a ragout with fresh pasta.

Our hedgehog mushrooms are sustainably foraged in Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

Wild mushrooms should be kept in the refrigerator in a paper bag. As a rule, clean the wild mushrooms as you need them, ideally without water. Paring knives, mushroom brushes, and tea towels can all be used to remove debris. Wild mushrooms will usually last about a week in the refrigerator, but are best consumed within the first three days. If the wild mushrooms you receive are a little damp, allow them to air dry in the refrigerator. It is not uncommon to find the occasional bug on a wild mushroom, simply wipe it off and know that the mushroom is still perfectly safe and delicious to eat. Mushrooms should be fully cooked prior to eating.

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