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Fresh Truffles and Truffle Products

Fresh Truffles and Truffle Products

Some things never change. For over ten years, we have been in and out of hundreds of kitchens. Whether it is a Michelin star restaurant in New York or a small bistro in Vancouver, the reaction is always the same—when we enter a kitchen with our truffles, work comes to a standstill. Knives stop chopping, pots are left to simmer. The kitchen becomes the scene of a great migration as chefs, sommeliers and dishwashers alike close in on the small bag that contains one of nature’s most amazing gastronomic creations.

The heightened sense of excitement pays tribute to the truffle’s undisputed role as king of the kitchen. By giving you access to the freshest truffles direct from Italy, France, and even Australia, Mikuni has established itself as one of the leading purveyors of truffles and truffle products in North America.

Presently, we were aware of an odour gradually coming towards us, something musky, fiery, savory, mysterious; a hot, drowsy smell, that lulls the senses, and yet inflames them—the truffles were coming.

William Makepeace Thackeray (1863–1911)

Preserved Truffle Products

  • White Truffle Oil
  • Black Truffle Oil
  • Black Truffle Juice
  • Canned Black Summer Truffle
  • Canned Black Winter Truffle
  • Black Winter Truffle Paste
  • Black Summer Truffle Paste
  • White Truffle Honey
  • White Truffle Flour

Fresh Truffles

  • White Alba Truffles
  • Black Perigord Winter Truffles
  • Black Australian Winter Truffles
  • Black Burgundy Truffles
  • Black Summer Truffles

When the Albas arrive from Italy, or the Périgords from France, word spreads fast. Stay in the know, get notified the moment the truffles arrive by following us on Twitter, or shop now for truffles and truffle products in the Mikuni Wild Harvest Gourmet Shop.

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