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Fresh Finger Limes / 1/2 pint
Fresh Finger Limes / 1/2 pint
Purchase Fresh Finger Limes / 1/2 pint
  • Fresh Finger Limes / 1/2 pint

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    Also Known As:
    Fruit Caviar
    half pint
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Finger limes are known for their Caviar-esque pearls that litterally burst with flavor. They have a super bright balanced lemon lime flavor, paired with amazingly intense caviar-like pop. To enjoy them, simply slice in half and gently scoop out the pearls. The Finger Lime colors range from batch to batch, they can be all shades of green, pink, yellow and purple.

Experience this rare and unique citrus as a garnish for crudo or ceviche, folded into your favorite sauces or garnished atop a handcrafted cocktail. Let your imagination run wild.
Refrigerate upon arrival. Use within 1 week of receiving. Vacuum Seal & Freeze unused limes, consume within 6 months of freezing. 
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