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Do you dream about truffles? Do you view eating as more than an act… instead as an experience? Do you care about sustainability and where your food comes from? So do we!

Our company was founded by three entrepreneurs who have a profound respect for this industry and the myriad of business potential which surrounds it. We are a young, growing company with more opportunity than we have time to pursue.

Do you have an idea for a potential collaboration with Mikuni? Or maybe you’re interested in a partnership for a new start up branch or program in a major metropolitan area? We at Mikuni are always in search of intelligent, imaginative, enthusiastic, self-motivated and entrepreneurial minded people. Whether you want to join our growing team of dedicated food and business enthusiasts, or you have a great idea for a unique and original partnership, we look forward to hearing from you.

If food is your life, then make it your career. Mikuni Wild Harvest is currently looking for passionate, driven individuals for the following positions:

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We scour the globe looking for the rarest and most unique food items around. Don't you think you should be among the first to know about them?

We would love to be able to keep you in the loop on when all of these exotic products are available, and any special sales that we are having.

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